Neil Murray Belgium_2017

Dear all

Welcome to the Belgium 2017 Blog here you will find information about this summers expedition to Belgium prior to our departure and hopefully daily posts about what we have been up to during the expedition so these of you at home can keep up to date with our adventure in Belgium.


Neil Murray Bournemouth 2016

So we are all safely happily at camp after a quiet but good journey down to Bournemouth unlike the leaders who went earlier in the day and got stuck in all the new forest traffic.
We sat round our unusually eerily quiet campfire and then went to bed.
Leisurely start to the morning and we head for Moore Country park, what a beautiful day we’re not scared…. Sun cream applied and a lovely morning at the country park.
We headed back to the campsite and enjoyed a full afternoon of VERY competitive volleyball tournament. We are now preparing dinner (fajitas) to cook on our fire.

The campsite is lovely, we’ve heard the showers are nice…yet to try them though.

We are especially looking forward to our trip to the aqua park in the new forest, not to be confused with the old forest.

Lots of Love we don’t miss the parents or anyone else reading this 😜😉
Emily, Becca and Bethany


Neil Murray Return Trip

6.50 pm – Just received a message that the group are now leaving the port in Dover and are aiming to be at the HQ for 9.00pm – traffic permitting. Jeanne