Summer Camp 2018

2 years, 6 months ago Hils wrote:

It’s been a great first few days here in Wales. After a relaxed (and very wet) afternoon setting up camp and a curry on Saturday, we sent the DofE expedition group on their way, and due to the wet weather we visited a local climbing and bouldering centre which was a really fun challenge for the explorers. After a fantastic roast dinner we settled in for the night before embarking on a waterfall walk the following morning, where we saw some fantastic scenery. Some more onsite activities made us hungry for lovely homemade pizza. Today we enjoyed crate stacking, which wasn’t so easy because of the sloped ground. We then visited a leisure centre for a swim and enjoyed some fantastic slides and pools. All in all we have had a fun start to this years summer camp and we look forward to some great activities over the next few days, some of which the explorers have not experienced before.


2 years, 6 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray


We somehow managed to wake up at the brisk time of 7:30 to get ready for our action packed day. We arrived at caving with time to spare but soon got changed into our gear which was a wetsuit and a baggy caving costume. We then moved on to the Lightning River cave entrance which spanned 15 meters wide and a few meters tall. We were then led through a barrage of increasingly small nooks and crannies. Thanks to one of our members decision, we were forced through ice cold puddles that filled our boots to the brim. We were then led through the “toblerone tunnel” back to the cave mouth. After a quick change and a short drive we arrived at our gorging location, just further down the river. We were then forced to jump in a freezing river with only a wetsuit. After traversing disused railway lines and speedy Rapids we got to a point where we were able to jump in shouting many strange phrases. We then returned to the campsite, regrouped with the D of E group and waited to be served dinner.

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2 years, 6 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray


We had breakfast at eight o’clock; delivered by the Gold Dofe team, which was the team’s first day back from their long expedition . We had beans, toast, eggs and sausages. Afterwards, we pack our swimming trunks in our day sacks; we headed off in our mini bus, listening to music chosen by us fellow explorers; which the leaders were speculating over our choice of music. Annoying, stew was playing our summer camp song ‘baby shark’ repetitively, annoying both explorers and leaders. We arrived at the beach which was located at ‘Rhossili’. We took the dogs with us and found a nice place which we could relax… and rock climbing on some cliffs. After we finished rock climbing, we ran to the beach and went swimming in the wavy sea. As I and a couple of the boys were brave enough to swim and ‘surf’ the waves, we came across a few small crabs, snipping the tips of our toes. As we came out of the Welsh sea, we played a few games of volley ball and others games. After five o’clock we came back to the scout hut and had a bbq which was delicious which consists of sausages, burgers and chicken. We then played a few Wii games and called it a night

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2 years, 6 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray

Friday 17/08/18

Today started of normal,with a classic English breakfast at 8:45 .We got ready for our hike and left at 10:00 am ,we were a bit late but that did not matter. The entire group navigated us through a forest to the monkey sanctuary, but before that we came across an astounding view of an incredible waterfall at 12:00 . During this time at the waterfall Jonathan had his investment underneath the waterfall,a very rare but amazing opportunity. To top off our time there, Neil received his medal of merit for being a leader for 18 years , congratulations Neil. After these events we continued on our hike to the monkey sanctuary, arriving at 14:30, after an exhausting day we decided to walk back at 16:00 taking a shortcut which took us ten minutes, now we are relaxing inside the hut keeping warm , hope you all have a great evening.

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