3 years, 8 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray

Dear all

Welcome to the Belgium 2017 Blog here you will find information about this summers expedition to Belgium prior to our departure and hopefully daily posts about what we have been up to during the expedition so these of you at home can keep up to date with our adventure in Belgium.


3 years, 8 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray

Dear all

Please find attached a kit list which can be used as a guild for this expedition. Please be aware that you will not need to pack cutlery or crockery, as we will take these from the unit stores.

Download Belgium kit list.xls

3 years, 8 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray

Please find below the presentation from the information evening, this presentation contains provisional timings for travel i will confirm these all in writing to you shortly. This will also give you an outline of the activities we are going to undertake the days these take place may change but we will be doing them all.

Download Presentation – VA.pptx

3 years, 6 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray

Just departed from the HQ on the coach journey to Belgium. We will try to place regular updates on this blog so that you can keep up to date with what we are doing during this exciting expedition. See you all in a week time

3 years, 6 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray

Hey all, after many hours of travelling, all are settled at De Kluis campsite. A lack of traffic aloud and easy drive up to the Euro tunnel which was a quick and stress free proscess. Once of French soil, it was a non stop drive up to St Joris weert. With pre pitched tents up, we were unloaded and unpacked read for a long awaited curry dinner. Despite loud naighbors our camp was silent by 10pm.

Day 1 started at 7am (that’s morning we think) for the duty team and 7:15 for the rest of the group, breakfast was sausages and rolls. Day bags were packed with pre made lunch and we were on our way by 9am to the train station for a quick ride into leuven. A short walk to the leisure centre later gave us 2 hours of indoor climbing, where everyone enjoyed them selves thoroughly. After an exhausting climb seccion we sat down for lunch in a peicefull garden. We explored the leuven scout museum which aloud ourselfs to immerse ourselves in the rich history of scouting across Europe and the world. We then had free time to explore leuven, a town with lots of hidden treasures. One quick train journey later, we had arrived at our campsite, ready for dinner. The calm weather aloud us to have a pleasant dinner outside before a selection deserved nights rest. Let’s hope we have nice weather tomorrow for a days pioneering!!

(The duty team)

3 years, 6 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray


Hi readers, the start to today can only be described as wet, we had thunder and lighting, however we were on the minibus. When we reached Tyne Cot Cemetery it was blue sky’s all around. We walked along the rows of gravestones looking at all the ages and different regiments. Then we moved onto Hill 62 which are preserved trenches that 100 years ago would’ve contained the British frontline soldiers

We walked through the museum and into the trenches looking at dug outs and shell holes that still remain. After this we moved onto the town of Ypres, we visited the Flanders field museum where we looked at many items that have been preserved such as equipment, uniform and paper documents. This also gave us a chance to learn the whole story and timeline of the war. When we left the museum we had free time to walk around the town, go shopping (for chocolate!!!) and get dinner.

Finally we ended the day by attending the Menin Gate service. Stuart, Laura and Matt took part in the wreath laying procession. Stuart laid the wreath on behalf of Matrix ESU. The rest of the unit before the ceremony were called out to create a guard of honour walk way, Karl was elected to hold the flag. At the end of the service many people from all different countries came up to thank and congratulate us. We now face the 2 hour drive home and will be straight of to bed ready for another fun filled day tomorrow. Speak soon… Love from Team Leuven… aka Laura, Becca, Ben and William x

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Toby Ayling

Dear all,
We started today with a bike ride. It started off nice and flat,but soon we were battling steep inclines and unravel ground (must they pave a cycle path with cobbles!) It all went well until Adams chain snapped and the ride had to head back. This soon led to a problem- how to ride the broken bike back. With the use of a dog lead, Laura and Karl set up a tandem system for Karl to tow both the bike and Laura back to camp.
Soon after lunch, a small group of us headed off to the shop, hindered by the fact that none of us were certain of the route. After several wrong turns we bought enough food to last us until we are back in Aylesbury, although Adam says he may need to make one more trip… We can’t forget that not long after we arrived back at camp, the tinkling tune of an ice cream van had us all running for our money and off down the road.
The day concluded with several competitive games of volleyball and we are going to bed with thoughts of relaxing at the water park and buying large bars of Belgium chocolate.
We look forward to the being back soon,
Toby, Adam and Freya

3 years, 6 months ago Karl (COTTAGE) wrote:

Hi, Karl’s mum here! Sound like you are all having a great time! Looking forward hearing more of your adventures!

3 years, 6 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray

Dear all
after a nice day in Brussels we are all safely on the train back to the campsite. Please keep looking at this blog for more details about what we got up to.
See you soon Neil

3 years, 6 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray

Hi all,
Today was a long but exciting day. Starting at 7am we enjoyed a continental breakfast before setting off on the train to Brussels. 75 minutes later we arrived in South brussels, and after a brief travel along the metro line we arrived at oceade water park. After three hours of fun in the pool and zipping down the water slides, we were off to our next adventure in and around Brussels. Once we arrived in the city centre we went of in groups The explorers explored the city, visiting a variation of shops and monuments including countless chocolatiers. we got on the train home after being filled with food and bags of suveneers and chocolate weighing us down, now looking forward to a good night’s sleep after a long, exhausting day.

Much love to every one at home and we look forward to being back soon.

Ben, Freya, Matthew and Antoni

3 years, 6 months ago Hils wrote:

Hi Parents
I know some of you are monitoring this blog. Just to let you know the group have just left the site and are expecting to be home, traffic permitting, at 21.15pm. I will let you all know if this changes. Get those washing machines ready!!

3 years, 6 months ago Neil Murray wrote:
Neil Murray


Today we had a rather relaxed day, we started by taking our massive pioneering structure down, however the weather was against us at first but there’s nothing a spot of rain will stop us from doing. After lunch we did the high ropes course, there we’re many different challenges that we all tackled from partner challenges to balance ones.

However, the weather was definatly more than just a spot of rain it was pouring. There was more water coming out the sky than there was out the showers. But still we battled through. The minute we got dry and all sat down with a delicious hot chocolate topped with Marshmellows (made by Heather) the sky was blue without a cloud in the sky… we we’re all relieved as we were all looking forward to the mass BBQ we had planned for later on.

Earlier on in the day Heather, Kelly, Laura, Karl and Matt walked down the hill to the shop to get all the food for dinner. Well when they’d finished shopping their bags weighed a lot and had to face the long walk up the hill. In the afternoon while the leaders prepped the fire to cook on. All the explorers did the orienteering course in their patrols. Team Leuven took the win by miles. THE FIRE IS READY!

We all helped prep the food and watched as Stu and Ron cooked the meat (and vegetarian sausages) just as we’d laid all the food out on the table and were admiring the meat, salad and other food selection. We all began to sit down to feast when the heavens opened… so we all moved into the shelter and finally we’re able to eat. The only way we can describe the dinner is delicous and are there any 4th’s.

3 years, 6 months ago Adam Foley wrote:
Adam Foley

Just wanted to say thanks to all the leaders for making this trip possible and giving Adam a life time of wonderful memories.

Kind regards

Helen AKA Adams mum